Paddy Casey


After a five year hiatus, Paddy Casey returned last year with his fourth album The Secret Life Of. It was recorded, produced and mixed at home in Paddy’s kitchen by Paddy and Pat Donne. Pat worked on the first album Amen (So Be It), as well as on the demos for all the other albums.

“Pat is responsible for me not throwing away a lot of songs, ‘Saints and Sinners’ included. This will be my first completely independent record, it’s called The Secret Life Of because it’s a throwback to a recording style I used to have before I signed a record deal”.

“I've also been working with a dance writer/producer called Blujacker on various tunes and songs... one of which appears on the album (Light Song). Also hopefully will be released (on probation) later on his album or possibly a joint Album/EP”.

Paddy finished touring his third album Addicted To Company in mid 2009 and decided then that it was time to make an album on his own, without a label. He wanted to let the songs come naturally, but found that, almost immediately, they came along in droves. So he began recording them all over the next few years, and in the last 6 months he chose the 11 tracks that make up the new album The Secret Life Of.

“The best thing about this album is that I veered off in any direction the wind carried me. I let my mind wander around and had fun, I suppose I had no one looking over my shoulder or watching the clock. In some ways it was like going back to the start, when I used to experiment lots on a four track making any kind of music I felt like on the day. If there is a theme it’s definitely something to do with freedom... for all the other tracks that didn’t make the album... I might take them down to O' Connell Bridge and sell them to passing boybands...

And on songwriting Paddy says:

“I am driven to record and write songs, I always have been...I've been recording bits and pieces since I was 9 or 10. I always thought that musicians were my politicians, teachers, religious leaders etc. I don't even have to wonder about it, it’s like breathing, it’s not really something I can switch off” - Paddy Casey 2012

Live Dates

Sep 21 – The Bridge House, Tullamore
Sep 26 – Exchange Inn, Ballybunion, Kerry
Oct 19 – Treacys Hotel, Waterford
Oct 26 – West County Hotel, Ennis


Amen (So Be It) (1999)
Living (2004)
Addicted To Company, Pt. 1 (2007) / (01) 6704700

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